Nurse Advocates

Receive 24/7 support from a Nurse Advocate throughout your treatment with LIBTAYO.

Once you start treatment with LIBTAYO, you will have access to nurse support. You can contact a LIBTAYO Surround Nurse Advocate 24/7 to receive additional support throughout your treatment journey.

Nurse Advocates are available whenever you need more information, and they can:

Answer questions about available resources and support

Answer questions
about available
resources and support.

Reminders about upcoming appointments

Remind you about
upcoming appointments.

Identify support groups

Identify support groups within
your community if you need to
talk to others going through the
same experience.

Third-party transportation services for help getting to appointments

Provide information about other
organizations that may provide
third-party transportation services
if you need help getting to
your appointments.

Information about local places to stay

Provide information about
local places to stay
if you need them
during treatment.

Order a patient starter kit

Order you a patient starter kit
to give you all of the necessary
materials for getting to know your
treatment with LIBTAYO.

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