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Where can I learn more about advanced CSCC?

Visit the LIBTAYO Facebook page for community updates, news, and support.

Advocacy organizations not only give information, but also encouragement. There are a number of organizations that support patients with cancer and their caregivers. The organizations listed here support all types of cancers, including skin cancers.

The organizations listed above are independent nonprofit organizations. Their inclusion here does not imply endorsement of LIBTAYO or Regeneron.

Maintaining a healthy mindset through meditation

Research has shown that mindfulness meditation may help patients by fostering acceptance and by creating a comfortable acknowledgment of stressors. Below are some basic steps to help you get started in your meditation practice.


Find a quiet place to sit

Anywhere you can remain stable and feel calm.


Start small

If you are a beginner, it is best to set a time limit of 5 to 10 minutes.


Follow your breath

Breathe in and out, and simply notice the sensations in your body.


Recognize inattention

Your mind may wander, and that is OK, but acknowledge it.


Gently come back

When you are ready to end your meditation, take time to slowly bring yourself back into the environment.

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