How will I receive LIBTAYO?

LIBTAYO is a medicine prescribed by a doctor. It is given in a hospital or clinic as a 30-minute intravenous (IV) infusion. That means it enters the body through a vein.

What is the schedule for infusions of LIBTAYO?

1) 350 mg IV infusion

LIBTAYO® (cemiplimab-rwlc) is given as a 350mg IV infusion

2) For 30 minutes

LIBTAYO® (cemiplimab-rwlc) is given as an IV infusion over 30 minutes

3) Every 3 weeks

LIBTAYO® (cemiplimab-rwlc) is given as an IV infusion over 30 minutes every 3 weeks
  • LIBTAYO is an IV infusion given over 30 minutes
  • Treatment with LIBTAYO happens once every 3 weeks
  • Infusion reactions may happen while you are receiving the drug. Infusion reactions can sometimes be severe. Signs of these problems may include nausea, chills or shaking, itching or rash, flushing, shortness of breath or wheezing, dizziness, feel like passing out, fever, back or neck pain, and facial swelling. Tell your doctor right away if you start to experience any of these symptoms
  • Your healthcare provider will decide how many treatments you will need
  • Your healthcare provider will do blood tests to check you for side effects

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