Additional LIBTAYO Surround Support

Once you are prescribed LIBTAYO, you will have access to our dedicated Patient Navigators, who can help provide additional assistance throughout your treatment journey. They can:

Answer questions about available resources and support

Answer questions about available resources and support

Reminders about upcoming appointments

Remind you about upcoming appointments to help keep you on track with your treatment schedule

Identify support groups

Identify support groups within your community if you need encouragement from others or are looking for disease education

Independent transportation services and local places to stay

Provide information about other organizations that may offer independent, third-party transportation services if you need help getting to your appointments

Provide support for caregivers

Provide resources and support for caregivers while they care for their loved ones throughout their treatment with LIBTAYO

Order a patient starter kit

Upon enrollment, send you a Patient Starter Kit with helpful materials for starting treatment with LIBTAYO

To speak with a Patient Navigator, call LIBTAYO Surround at 1.877.LIBTAYO (1.877.542.8296), select option 1.

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